Academic editing for a professional presentation

Everyone needs an editor! When you send your thesis or paper to Owl Editing, your writing will be polished to be clear, concise, and consistent. The editing process will fix grammatical errors, enhance word choice, and format the document according to your requirements.


  • Essays, papers, and reports (arts, science, healthcare, business).

  • Research articles, project proposals, applications, and resumes.

  • Theses and dissertations (copy-editing and formatting).

  • Manuscripts for publication, technical reports, and PowerPoint files.

The editor's background

The editing process:

  • The turn-around time for most short reports or essays is usually less than 24 hours. For longer papers or theses, the turn-around is approx. 4-7 days.

  • Editing changes are "tracked" with the MS-Word "Show Revisions" tool.

  • For examples of the editing fees, click here.

  • Send a message to learn more.

What clients say:

  • Owl Editing web service is very convenient for me even though I am a long distance away. The editing service saves me a lot of time and energy. As a student, I have a busy schedule, but I no longer need to travel to the local writing center. Before using Glen's editing service, when I had a long paper due in a short time, I usually had to make several visits to the writing center to get it done, and it was nerve racking. I know I will continue to count on Glen's help for my school work and for my academic career. (grad student, music therapy)

  • Dr. Glen has been extremely helpful and reliable. His assistance played a critical role in getting me an acceptance letter from a law school. (S, SFU alumni, 1st year student)

  • I received the results for my assignments Glen helped edit - I got great marks, a D(istinction) and HD (high distinction; Australian grading)! Basically equivalent to an A and A+. What a difference his editing makes and I'm stoked I found his services! Cheers, N. LOVE your service, I'm a loyal customer!!!

  • Glen edited several of my papers in Economics and Marketing before I submitted them to journals. His editing really increased the quality of the English and eliminated the grammar mistakes. Glen is reliable and efficient. (PhD student, UBC)

  • Glen has edited several of my manuscripts in biochemistry and analytical chemistry. His suggestions have significantly increased the quality of the English and the stringency of the manuscripts. These improvements have made it much easier for me to publish the manuscripts in international, peer-reviewed scientific journals. Because I am a non-native English writer I have some problems with the grammar. etc. and Glen has helped me to improve this. Glen has also helped my colleagues to edit texts and posters for presentations at scientific conferences. Glen is reliable and finishes the editing on time. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has a scientific text in need of being proofread/edited. (GK, PhD, Senior Scientist, Sweden)

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