Editing, Proofreading and Formatting

Owl Editing improves the consistency and clarity of every kind of writing. The editing process will correct grammatical errors and enhance your word choice, without changing your intended meaning, to give you a clear and more effective presentation.

How It Works

The turn-around time for most short reports or essays is usually within 24 hours. For longer papers or theses, the turn-around is approx. 4-7 days.

Editing changes are "tracked" with the MS-Word "Show Revisions" tool.

APA and MLA Papers, Business and Science Reports

Reviewing the flow and organization of text. Recognizing structure appropriate for the intended audience. Suggesting deletions, additions, or rearrangements (e.g., gaps in content, missing steps, or unclear transitions). Reorganizing material into an appropriate structure and sequence. Recognizing when material would be better presented in another form (e.g., number-laden text as a table or chart, descriptive material as a diagram or illustration, or a long series of points as a list).

Theses, Dissertations, Manuscripts and Project Proposals

Correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Correcting confusion in tenses. Eliminating redundancies. Substituting words that more accurately convey your intended meaning. Avoiding sexism, racism, or other pejorative language. Correcting headings, tables, figures, and lists. Creating a Table of Contents.

Resumes, Applications and Cover Letters

correcting spelling, usage, grammar, punctuation, and style correcting faulty parallelism, misused pronouns, etc. correcting usage errors, subject/verb agreement, misused prepositions, dangling participles, misplaced modifiers, etc. maintaining consistent abbreviations, etc. clarifying ambiguities replacing jargon and cliches noting inconsistencies in the writing voice or point of view identifying inconsistencies in facts and details revising or cutting to meet length requirements

Formatting, Table of Contents, Figures, Tables, and Reference Lists

formatting according to a particular style using fonts, font sizes, and typefaces consistently setting-up margins, etc.

Client Feedback

I really appreciate the way the editing corrects my grammar, comma problems, etc. and still keeps the integrity of my thoughts.
- Grad student

The editing helped me to improve my marks and I learned from my mistakes to become a better writer.
- University student

I always enjoy reading the edited writing!
- PhD student in Public Health

Glen is an incredible editor. I highly recommend him. I have learnt so much as a result of his editing services and look forward to learning even more next semester!
- A satisfied university student


The following rates are estimates. For a full assessment of your project and the cost of editing, please send a message.

Light Editing

2.5 cents per word.

Medium Editing

3 cents per word.

Heavy Editing

3.5 cents per word.

Methods of Payment

Prices are in Canadian dollars.
PayPal or Email transfer

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