Writing guides

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  • How Can I Improve My Writing
    Sloppy Writing
    Rules of Writing
    Avoid Sexist Language
    Copyright on the Net
    Email Writing
    Kurt Vonnegut's Tips for Writing Fiction
    Adding Emphasis
    Avoid a Succession of Loose Sentences
    How Can I Improve My Writing?

  • Neat Cool Words
    English Chaps Selling Chapbooks
    Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western
    Gender vs. Sex
    The 'Re-' Prefix
    'Normal' and its Synonyms
    Comprise vs. Compose

  • Fix My Grammar
    Placement of Punctuation
    US and British Punctuation Styles
    Nominalization: A Common Error in Writing
    Pronouncing Abbreviations
    Unnecessary Prepositions

  • Paper Editing and Thesis Formatting
    Order of pages in a thesis
    One space or two at the end of a sentence?
    For age, use numerals and hyphenate
    APA page margins

  • APA Writing Style
    Reducing Bias in Writing (part 3/5)
    Reducing Bias in Writing (part 2/5)
    Reducing Bias in Writing (part 1/5)
    How to Reference Personal Communications

  • Science Fables and Computer Tables
    Benefits of a Computer Virus
    The Computer Bug
    The Benzene Ring
    The Clock that Wakes You when You are Ready
    The History of Search Engines (before Google)

  • Paper Owl Editor
    The Origin of Basketball
    Room Air
    Fitness Centers
    Mr. Banks